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About us

We are a Mumbai based manufacturer of Genuine and Composite Leather Car Seat Covers. We have a range of 20 colors and
52 patterns for the customer to select from. We give the customer both the options in our seat covers (loose and fixed type).We
also customize the vehicle as per the customer specification. A) Wood finish /Leather wrap steering wheel .b) Cubic printing
technology for the interior panels of the car. c) Total Interior of the car.
AutoDrape products are created for the enthusiast with a passion for dynamic progressive design and quality of fit, finish and design.
We exist and prosper only because of our customers and respond to their changing needs and expectations speedily
courteously and with innovative products.
At AutoDrape quality is a driving value in our work, in our product and in our interactions with others. We are uncompromising about
the quality of our workmanship and the suitability of the material we use.
We employ modern and efficient Manufacturing best practices which are manned and run by qualified and experienced workers.
The craftsmen that work in our workshop play an eventual role into reality making products manufacture.
Their roles cover a wide range of expertise in Composite and Genuine leather seat covers as well as car interiors and their
traditional skills.

AutoDrape Art Leather Seat Covers

The Automotive Interior Specialist who believes in stringent norms for quality and styling that delivers a great experience of style
and comfort. The Materials used by us are of thickness (0.9mm to 1.2mm) with printed grain structure made on imported
sophisticated machines.

AutoDrape has Seven Brands in Art Leather:

1. Elegance - (0.9mm thickness) AutoDrape seat covers for cars are sold in a large variety of styels & colors, each car seat covers is
made with unique wear upholstery grade & .laminated material.
2. Divine - (0.9-1.1mm thickness) Composite leather that provides a higher resistance to regular wear besides being tough ,
durable and hard-wearing.
3. Chespa - (0.9-1.0mm thickness) Composite leather that has a higher resistance to regular wear and an ideal choice while
providing an experience of comfort.
4. Bellinius - (0.9-1.1mm thickness) This range of composite leather covers is a vibrant collection with shades and colors that
reflect the contemporary fashion trends, providing optimum comfort. The tough and durable look is soft and supple to the
5. Soft feel - (1.1-1.2mm thickness) Composite leather backed with rich cotton felt coating that regulates the temperature
while styling and luxury is the center of comfort. Besides being hard-wearing tough and durable, it is soft and supple.
6. Aaron - (1.1-1.2mm thickness) Composite leather designed with an advanced serene finish technology.
7. Carlo - (1.1.-1.2mm thickness) Composite leather backed with cotton felt that regulates the temperature while styling
and luxury is the centre of comfort.
8. Nappa - (1.1.-1.3mm thickness) Composite leather that has a higher resistance to regular wear and an ideal choice while
and luxury is the centre of comfort.

AutoDrape Genuine Leather Seat covers

The leather from Europe, South America and New Zealand are handpicked and processed using sophisticated Italian tanning technology to produce a vibrant range of textures and colors, presenting an exclusive array of choice for the customers. This luxurious soft leather goes through multiple processes in order to gain optimum softness and sufficient tear resistance.

AutoDrape Wooden Dash Kits

We offer exclusive wooden dash kits that are available in wide variety of designs and colors. Our products are made of walnut, ebony, pine and other wood colors. These can also be made available in different stains, from rosy red to natural blond.

AutoDrape leather wrapped and Wood Finish Steering Wheel

We offer wood finish steering wheel that makes it look elegant and enhances the comfort level of the wheel while driving. The
entire range is available in different colors and designs and we also offer tailor-made products as per client specifications.

AutoDrape Leather Door Trims and Leather Wrapped Gear knob

The door trims that we manufacture are available with customization of the same tone or color to seats and dash boards. The most prominent acrylic glue in spine of moulding is just press on desired surface for a long lasting bond.

AutoDrape Car Interiors

We manufacture various types of car interiors that help in upgrading the ambience and enhance the comfort level of the car. The combination of craftsmanship, high technology guarantee, high elasticity, distinctive production line and cost efficiency are some
of the qualities delivered by AutoDrape.